STI – Sistema Independiente de Torre
RPS – Rotary Parking System


Bidirectional Parking System

The versatility of the Bidirectional or “Puzzle” Parking System lies in its modular nature and its capability to expand in all directions (horizontally, vertically and even underground).

Depending on the geometry, height restrictions and other characteristics and conditions of the installation area, BDPs my add parking stalls horizontally, stack levels vertically and even create extra stalls underground when combined with pit parking systems. BDPs may also be installed one in front of the other to maximize space usage when depth is an advantage.

Bidirectional Parking Systems may be installed outdoors or may be enclosed to protect vehicles, for aesthetics reasons or to merge with the surrounding architecture or city fabric.

BDPs may be fully independent (operator not required) and they allow for different levels of automation, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

System Characteristics:

Type: Independent (operator not required)

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Average lift/retrieval time: 1 -2 minutes

Controls: design and functionality of the control panels will depend on the size and nature of each project; however, all APC panels are UL Certified (

Control Panels: All of our systems come with standard control panels to perform lift and retrieval functions with precision, quality and performance; however, panels may be upgraded to perform more sophisticated and automated functions to fit specific operational needs. All APC panels are 100% Made in America and designed and manufactured in-house under the strictest UL standards ( Learn more about our control panels here.

For product dimensions, weight, capacity and electrical information please request a Technical Data Sheet.

NOTE: The information contained on Technical Data Sheets for BDP systems are for reference only. Technical accuracy can only be achieved after final system configuration and all project-specific variables are confirmed.