Concrete Testing:

your duplii systems needs the appropriate foundation to operate with maximum safety and efficiency and to guarantee it will withstand the weight it was design to hold. There are instances in which a test is required to ensure said foundation complies with minimum installation requirements; some of these instances include:
  • Your surface is an old-build or is damaged, deteriorated or cracked.
  • You want peace of mind by confirming your investment is resting on an appropriate foundation and you want that confirmation in writing.
In any case, we will be able to perform concrete testing and obtain the necessary certification for you as a separate service.

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Concrete Casting:

if your property does not have an existing concrete surface or for any reason your current concrete surface does not comply with minimum installation requirements, we are able to perform all necessary casting services for you. Our company has over 20 years of combined experience in construction and automated parking and we specialize in concrete casting.

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Electrical Power Availability:

your system needs to be connected to a dedicated power source and this power source needs to comply with minimum amperage capacity depending on the system you choose.
We will be able to determine whether or not your current power source meets required standards during our technical evaluation; should your power source need to be upgraded, we will be able to perform electrical services for you.

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Insurance Reporting:

in order to protect your investments your current vehicle and/or homeowner’s insurance companies may require certain certifications to guarantee coverage of your motor vehicles, your personal property and/or your real estate property. We will be able to provide your insurance provider with the necessary documents so you can have peace of mind.

Covers for outdoor equipment:

if you would like to protect your system and personal property from the elements, we offer durable and fashionable covers that will provide shelter and shade.

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System Relocation and Resale:

if you are moving and need to relocate your system, we will be able to execute the relocation for you (turnaround time is at least one week). We can also help you resale your used system to potential customers and assist with the transaction.